This is the first step of the populist monosector on the path of "smartphone elections".


My mom, after switching from an iPhone 5 (changed the battery) to the new SE 2020, complains that the latter needs to be charged more often. And, funny, due to the fact that my mother works in the garden and her fingers are erased, the sensor almost always does not recognize her. Code only)) So I would advise SE 2020 with caution. Xr is better. But more expensive.


The bestsellers are new models of Xiaomi routers priced at approximately $50 and with support for mesh networks. But the firmware in them is only in Chinese. Bye.


I won’t argue. But I know for sure that before the war, any camera, wherever it was hidden built-in, was considered a special tool. It was possible to go straight from the post office to the office. Opera on fools earned normally and raised the disclosure rate.


Since when did "6. A light bulb with an IP camera." become legal in our country? Previously, you could get term for this. https://de.opay.com.ng/page-mtc-ukraine-ergebnisse-der-umbenennung-und-einfuhrung-von-blackberry Has the legislation changed, or are all the gunpowder trackers running around and can you take a chance?


And I still remember the joke about the new Russian, who had intel pentium pro instead of tiles in the toilet)) Not many people saw this percent..


"The battery in the photo is not included, is not used in the work and is shown only for size comparison." : special thanks for this, finally you realized that all kinds of toys that you love take a picture nearby – they do not give an idea of ​​​​the size.

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