Battlefield 1 Notebook and Desktop Benchmarks.

great visuals. Battlefield once again shows how nice a video game can look nowadays. We will find out what that means for the system requirements for notebooks as well as desktop systems.

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That the new title from the extremely popular shooter-series will be a success was already a sure thing after the Beta version. The final product can almost meet the high expectations completely, both in terms of gameplay as well as graphics.

Developer DICE further optimized the Frostbite 3 Engine, which is used for numerous games from EA (like FIFA 17 , Mirror’s Edge Catalyst , Need for Speed ​​2016

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One of the biggest advantages of the Frostbite 3 engine is the enormous amount of details. You will not find similarly crisp textures in many titles, and the same applies for the level design. There are a lot of decoration objects like stones and bushes all the way up to debris on the extremely good-looking and diverse battlefields from World War I. The result is a great atmosphere supported by first-class effects. It does not matter if you have smoke, rain or mud: Battlefield 1 is always up to date and can even set new benchmarks.

Other highlights are the lush drawing distance and the physics simulation. Contrary to the majority of action titles, trees, fences and walls are not insurmountable obstacles. Houses can be destroyed as well, which does create some tactical possibilities. The spectacle is accompanied by a brilliant sound. Besides the music tracks, the effects (shooting sound, explosions, etc.) are impeccable.

The single-player mode will probably create divergent opinions. The idea with the War Stories is quite interesting and promising, especially since every mission is introduced by creative videos, but the final result still feels pretty "casual". In the end – as per usual for this genre – you basically shoot your way through pretty dumb hordes of enemies, and the staging of Battlefield 1 usually falls a bit short of Call of Duty . However, the missions are a perfect preparation for the multiplayer. Players not only get used to the rudimentary sneaking system, but they also learn to control vehicles and planes.

We were not completely disappointed by the campaign. The great visual and sound quality can compensate for several gameplay and story drawbacks pretty well. Contrary to Call of Duty , we also like the slightly darker setting, which takes the war scenario a bit more seriously than some rivals and tries to avoid the glorification of violence or its minimization, respectively (you can decide whether this is a success). Subjectively, however, Battlefield 1 is not as much of a shooting gallery.

You can hardly criticize the developers from a technological point of view. The Video menu, which is also accessible when you are playing, offers a lot of settings for experienced users. DICE divided the options into two tabs to make it easier. It starts with the Basic menu, where you can adjust the picture mode, resolution, brightness, V-Sync, drawing distance, Motion Blur and the Blur effects. Color-blind users get settings here as well.

Most settings are available in the Advanced menu, which also takes care of the DirectX mode (more on that later), the size of the HUD and the general graphics quality. If you do not like to tinker around, there are also four presets (Low, Medium, High

Although the visual quality of Battlefield 1 suffers significantly at the lowest settings and there will be pop-ups as well as flickering objects, the game is not ugly by any means. We would call the visual quality good with the Medium preset, and very good with the High preset. There are no noteworthy differences in terms of quality or performance between High and Ultra settings. The frame rate is always capped at 200 frames per second by the way, independent of the V-Sync setting.

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