The tongue is sewn into the sidewalls, which prevents water, dirt and debris from getting inside the boots if the foot suddenly falls into a puddle.
I was lucky by chance – when ordering through an online store, I indicated size 43, aka American 9.5, but when I arrived to pick up my order, it turned out that cunning sellers (or storekeepers, who knows) "lost" the carefully deferred a pair of shoes for me. Made from foam material. The sole is glued to the top quite neatly, there are almost imperceptible streaks of glue. Stitched with kapron threads with a double seam. Unfortunately, I can’t check the declared water resistance – it’s still warm and dry here. According to the description, it is impregnated with some kind of antibacterial composition that prevents odor. Unfortunately, the sole is not "Vibram", as on other similar models, but for such a price I can forgive these boots for the lack of a Vibram sole 🙂 Since the beginning of autumn, I have been thinking about purchasing boots. But, if there are any features or problems, then I will supplement the review. I walked (ran, played catch-up) with a child through the forest and the river bank – the shoes “row” like a tractor 🙂 There is a rubber pad on the toe which I think should protect the toe from bumps and scratches. The boots fit the heel very tightly, supporting it, at first it seemed to me not very comfortable, but once I went into the forest, I appreciated that the leg does not wobble and there is no need to think about how to put it on the path correctly – the leg itself becomes normal . The tongue itself is made of breathable material. Photos from the Sportmaster store: To see them, you need to look closely and look specifically. Amazing lugs on the outsole give exceptional stability on loose and compact ground. For a week now I have been using these boots daily and my impressions are extremely positive.
Insole length 28.5cm. The upper of the boots is made of suede impregnated with a waterproof compound. And since I live in an area where in winter the temperature is rarely below -10 degrees and more often or near zero or even a little plus, then the “demi-season” autumn-spring boots will be just right. Now they will probably shower me with slippers and say that I am not a good person and that these shoes are all sold out, but alas, friends, these are harsh realities (before ) New Year’s sales – everything scatters at a terrible speed. All parts are sewn together, nothing hangs anywhere and does not cling. Out of grief, I tried on the last remaining pair of size 43.5, aka American 10, and lo and behold! they turned out to be just right for me, with a minimum margin for a warm, but not thick sock. Feet in boots, with great activity, warm up, but do not get wet – moisture is removed through the material of the tongue.


Inside, under the insole, everything is very neat. And in fact, for a week there is no smell. First, a short video review from to see the boots as they are: In the meantime, let’s take the word of the manufacturer 🙂 Insole.

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