Of course, the plants lacked: land and the size of the pot, and as well as regular watering. On March 31st, the best nine were selected: https://jiji.ng/decor-accessories Exposure time was not automated: On the 18th of March, illumination began for 11 hours a day. They did not believe me, but I decided to have fun and had fun in 2020. The following design is assembled (with a fan): In a conversation with the household, I mentioned that with the right approach to the process, you can grow tomatoes through the roof. Ali bought COB diodes 4200K and a radiator for diodes. On February 28, 2020, the seeds of the first mini-tomato that came across were planted in disposable cups in peat soil.

DIY tomatoes using technologies from Chinese shops

In the winter of 2019, at school, the child was given homework to grow any plant, and independently, without prompting, four tomato bushes were grown in two pots:

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