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Some time ago, the desire to switch from coffee to tea came.

There are no problems with tea in online stores – choose and buy.

A little later, the understanding came that it is important not only WHAT to drink, but also HOW. And I began to look after tea accessories.

And so I wanted to buy a real Chinese clay teapot in a classic style.

This is how it looks on the seller’s page:

The package arrived in 24 days, which is not bad at all. When I received it in the mail, I thought “either an error with the track number or they sent an empty package.” The parcel, despite the dimensions of approximately 18x10x8cm, was practically weightless. It was hard to imagine that there could be a clay teapot inside.

I filmed the unpacking of the parcel so that there would be real evidence in case my suspicions were confirmed. But all suspicions were in vain. The teapot and the separate lid were packed in foam so securely, you can even play football with this box.

Nice strict design. Smooth matte surface (does not slip out of the hands).
Slightly less pleasure was the size of the teapot. The seller honestly indicates the dimensions of 110×65 mm. I was hoping that 110mm is the diameter of the “body” of the teapot itself. However, these were the overall dimensions, that is, together with the spout and handle. Therefore, the package was so light – just over 100 g.

Here are his true dimensions in comparison:

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