I decided to paint all the plastic in a black piano. Lord, what have I experienced, while all this was being done, there was not enough of a piece
skin, I didn’t like how the roof was pulled over, I forced it to be redone, the front seats, when they were dismantled, it turned out that both the right and the left needed to change the control units and heating (((everything bought new … There were many cars, the main ones. While everything was being installed, I was looking for someone to do the interior upholstery. In short, I started doing it, I found colleagues in possession of this diva, and then it turned out that I had not prepared at all) 31club
steers, very grateful to Kostya and Oleg, it’s just a guru). Koni are adjustable, new springs, respectively, levers, stabilizers, silents, caliper repair kits, new hoses, pads, shock mounts, rear bushings, zimmerman brake discs (perf), almost all plastic for brake cooling, new batteries of 100 each. Exhaust: 4 parts of the order 120r along with disassembly and installation.Painting: about 150r along with disassembly and material.Interior hauling: about 150 with assembly and material.Rim wheels: 150r (19 Schnitzer type -3) m-kit (front, rear, frame): 60r painting. replacement of the entire suspension (including brakes and discs and work): about 150r This is already 900r Well, then: new engine mounts, new hoses, new fuel pumps (complete), new wiring, drive
seats, windows, glass lifting mechanisms, gearbox bulkhead, new clutch assembly, new hood opening mechanism, a bunch of rubber bands, pipes, taillights, pumps, brain firmware, filters everything, soundproofing, music, a bunch of new bugs and cogs, Schnitzer-ie details, all sorts of liquids, … yes, right now, I just can’t remember everything), but offhand 400 thousand … recently another 200 were added, well, little things)))) But the main thing is time in all this, something you wait a week, something a month , find a company that understands the little things and understands what it does one of the main points! Example: I gave the disks to a tire shop, one of the nipples was broken, the result was 4 months of waiting, ANYWHERE, horror, only in A1 directly from the schnitzer and then from the 3rd attempts, sent 2 for 350r (although it would seem, what a trifle) ((( I decided to paint with a new paint and 76 blue, while I was waiting for the paint, all the details came, and the paint was only on the way, in short, the nerves were frayed) They painted it in a month, then gave it to the engine and suspension setup … Initially, the budget for repairing the device was about 600 rubles, to be honest, those options that are on auto.ru, which sell for 400-500 rubles and write that everything is ideal there, this is bullshit, 91-95 years old, the car cannot be in order: all the rubber bands are terrible, it’s better not to raise the windows, everyone is scratched – they barely walk, the running gear is none, the salons are dead, I’m generally silent about the motor, if the capital was not done, then you can’t even consider it …

BMW 850 reviews

I can talk about this magic of the German car industry for hours. Now I can say absolutely for sure, whoever decides on such a project, firstly, you need to consult at 31 clubs, if you take a car for 500 rubles, then work on lyamchik approximately you are provided). We took premium Monaco – white perf, white, black, black husky, and of course alcantara (only the material cost about 80 rubles), a new carpet under your feet. If I describe everything I bought, you can simply take a catalog of parts and buy everything in a row, which I actually did) While the parts were coming, I decided to paint, completely dismantling the interior and removing everything attached under the hood, when I took everything off, I was horrified), realizing that the project has already gone beyond 600 and has already gone to 800r (this naturally does not count the money to buy a car). It turned out that restoring to the ideal would cost from a million ((((There were doubts, of course, friends twisted their fingers at their temples), but a dream is a dream, roll up your sleeves and go. This exhibit, like a very long time, we can say dreamed of since childhood). During the purchase process, I decided that I would change the entire suspension. I wanted to do everything in the style of Schnitzer, I found on a German site a project for a salon from Schnitzer, I found a company that deals with hauling (later I bought it). While they were pulling the interior, they completely made a noise, the bottom was a liquid noise, I don’t remember what it’s called now (I decided to make music, I took the head PIONEER DEN-P 88 RS II (fits well into the interior), I decided to change the speakers to the original, but in good condition (surprisingly, I found it), Hertz subwoofer, Kicx amp, shorter waste, waste, waste.In the process, I ordered all sorts of little things: door latches, rugs, bedbugs I took schnitzer parts in A1: pedals, gear knob, riser handle, nameplates (together under 1000 euros) It’s time to exhaust, through A1, I ordered the last hamman cans in the world for 850) cost 80 rubles when they became dismantling t, it turned out that banks won’t do, I decided to change everything) Say too much, I think yes, but I wanted an ideal, I bought pants, the first, second knee, they made euro4), the scribe came out for the money, but the sound is amazing and the realization that everything new warms the soul) I also had to completely change the electrical wiring, the original of one braid was 40r (Of course, in the process, all sorts of nuances were found out, which also cost a penny (((The whole process took 2 years, I recently calculated what it all resulted in, counted about
1,300,000 investments (details in the logbook), not counting time, nerves, searches, etc. Naturally, for now everything was removed, smeared again, the entire foam of the air ducts was replaced, everything was removed and washed … I chose for a long time, I was mainly looking for a living body, so as not to be broken and so that everything was native, I found – there was no limit to joy, the car was certainly killed, the engine was dead, the exhaust was full of holes, the paint was terrible), the interior was 3 (gray), suspension – only at the stand you could ride, but the body is really ideal). In short, a couple of days, I decided to take it. I started picking up the skin. In the process, I tried to find discs, went through a bunch of options, decided to take type 3 shnitzer, searched for 2 months, hell is clear, only the original, applied to A1, found only in front – by
1500 euros per disc). While everything was being installed, I decided to buy an m-body kit, change all the rear lights (they were worn and scratched), replace the front glass, took the assembly of the front glass lifting mechanisms, grilles in the hood, washer motors, emblems, gasoline filters, new fuel pumps, in short atas). There were many cars, the main Infiniti fx 45, Cadillac srx, cts II, bmw 330 (trade winds, foriks, saabs), it was shorter to compare, at the time of purchase there was an SRX, I bought a car as a second one – for the summer (I took it in early 2009) . As a result, I paid 380 rubles, the first day I decided to go for a ride, to see how, of course, everything rattled and Glushak yelled, but it still delivered https://cars45.com/listing/bmw/320i/2001 pleasure, the motor worked at 60 percent, but still turned on), goggles from right to left, finger poking was a pleasure ) … I can roughly imagine what kind of cars from Japan, even if the car has stood all 20 years in the garage, then I know for sure that a lot of things will have to be done! 3.5 lyama ownership history invested, changing everything every year) The machine is expensive, but bringing it to mind, you will not regret it, a true delight, both for the driver and everyone around – just euphoria) 6.0 up to a hundred, drift in turns, spinning wheels in third gear, the roar of the engine, 300 km on the highway, inimitable design, in a word, a DREAM car! For all the time I own it, I dashed off thousands of 2000, but these 2 pieces are the most unforgettable in my life) But I can approximately describe the main thing: Engine: 150r with the removal of the old and all attachments and installation. 04/21/2012 I can talk about this magic of the German car industry for hours. White stitching, it was decided to make schnitzer embroidery, done in A1. This exhibit, like a very long time, we can say dreamed of since childhood). The result was found by a good friend in Moscow for 100 rubles, almost new (again, many thanks), I was looking for rubber at the same time. I started with the engine, I had 5 liters 300 forces m70, drove 110 km, but clearly twisted, 2 liters of oil for a hundred, decided not to restore, it was decided to buy a contract soldier, quite by accident turned up at 31 clubs, a 5.4-326hp m73 motor, fully restored – completely procapitalized, made at a factory where aircraft engines are repaired, as far as I remember, it cost the owner 10,000 dollars, I took it for 120 rubles (huge, just a huge thank you). any elements of brake cooling, cooling system, fell into disrepair, some parts were missing, in short, to the store.

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